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Hunters can choose from a selection of hearing protection options from basic custom made earplugs to high performance digital technology for those seeking both sound amplification and hearing protection. It also helps you tune in to your quarry while protecting your hearing from muzzle blasts.

Magnum Ear Behind-the-Ear

Worn behind the ear, the Magnum Ear BTE weighs less than ¼ oz. and features a low-battery indicator tone. Conforming eartips create a comfortable seal while providing superb attenuation properties. Each Magnum Ear BTE comes with three eartips, four batteries, a sound tube, a carrying pouch and an owner’s manual.

Magnum Ear Canal

Worn inside the ear canal, Magnum Ear Canal weighs less than ¼ oz. It features a low-battery indicator tone and provides the same comfort and superb attenuation properties as the BTE model. Each Magnum Ear Canal comes with three eartips, four batteries, a carrying pouch and an owner’s manual.

Magnum Ear Custom In-the-Ear

For those who prefer a custom fit, this top-of-the-line model offers the ultimate in comfort, convenience and performance. Each Magnum Ear Custom In-The-Ear comes with four batteries, a cleaning tool, a carrying pouch, and an owner’s manual.

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