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Prolonged noise from loud machinery and tools on the job can damage your hearing – even short bursts of sound over 85 decibels can have an impact. We offer several custom hearing protection options for those who work in high-noise environments.

Solid Earplugs

Custom fit solid earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. The corded option allows wearers to place the plugs over their necks when they’re not in use. Solid earplugs are also available with a removal “L” shaped handle.

High Frequency Noise Filter

The Hocks Noise Braker® is an acoustic filter that adjusts all incoming sound to appropriate speech levels. While most hearing protection solutions seal-off the ear to block any sound from entering, this high frequency noise filter lets air and sound through in a safe and effective way. As a result, the wearer can communicate freely and remain aware of the surround environment.

Sonic Valve Earplug

The Sonic Valve earplug provides comfortable protection for loud environments, taking the “sting” out of gun-blast noises and helping to reduce “noise hangover” from loud music. Unlike earmuffs or solid earplugs, the Sonic Valve’s open-fit reduces high level noises while enabling you to hear the subtle sounds of a conversation. Law enforcement officers, pilots, racecar drivers, and industrial workers use the Sonic Valve to protect their inner ears from permanent damage.

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