Nicole Pelley

M.Sc., R. Aud(C), Audiologist

Nicole’s interest in Audiology developed from many years of seeing the effect of hearing loss on her grandmother, attending hearing aid appointments with her, and helping her with communication breakdowns. This interest eventually transformed into a passion, resulting in the high-energy Audiologist that you see today! Nicole joined the Maico Hearing Service team in April, 2017 after completing her Masters of Science in Audiology at Dalhousie University. In December 2016, she received the Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children Gordon Leslie Memorial Scholarship through Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) and in October 2017, she received the Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) Student Award, presented to Audiology graduate students in Canada “distinguished by their academic excellence and their activities promoting the profession of audiology”. In addition to her passion for Audiology, Nicole also has a love for artistic activities such as painting, singing, dancing, and crafting!

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